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Welcome to the underwater world! You are about to take the first step toward experiencing the joy and excitement of SCUBA diving. Although our courses are informative and exciting, we strive to make your overall training experience enjoyable and entertaining as well.
The Dive Shop draws from over 50 years of experience to develop SCUBA programs that are tailored to even the most demanding lifestyles. Classes are available in several formats: weekly, or accelerated weekend courses. However, all scout classes are in the weekly format. And, depending on instructor, the class will be one night per week for 6-8 weeks or a weekend course.
During the classroom sessions, we will discuss the skills and equipment needed to enjoy SCUBA diving. The pool sessions are the practical “nuts and bolts” of your SCUBA program. You will learn all of the basic skills and techniques needed to be a safe and successful SCUBA diver. A study guide is available for home study prior to the start of the program.
At the conclusion of the classroom and pool training, you will be required to complete 4 open water dives to receive your Open Water Diver certification. You have a couple of choices; you can complete your open water dives with The Dive Shop or we can provide you with a referral form so you can complete your open water training dives in the ocean. These dives will help you to master the skills you have learned in the pool.

If you choose to do your open water training dives with The Dive Shop, each scout will be responsible for picking up there equipment at the shop and taking it to the lake. Equipment can be picked up on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday prior to your open water weekend.
There are several activities available to Boy Scout Troops once you become certified divers; Sea Base in Florida, a self directed high adventures program, camping/diving trips in southern Missouri and community service projects. The Dive Shop can assist you with these activities.


 The Dive Shop believes in the Scouting program and how it impacts a person’s life. With this in mind, The Dive Shop offers scuba classes to Boy Scout troops and their registered adult leaders at a discounted rate.

The following items will be REQUIRED to receive the scout discounts:
1.      Each person must be a registered scout.
2.      6-8 week course, 1 night per week (Tuesdays, Thursday). Or a weekend course Friday 6-9 Sat 9-5 and Sun 9-2
         Each troop is responsible for scheduling their class times with The Dive Shop.
3.      Class start dates will be scheduled at least 6 weeks in advance.
4.      Cost per person is $350.00 for the class and pool work and includes the open water training dives.
5.      Each person is required to have their own student kit (book, dive table, and log book). The cost for the kit is $70.00.
6.      Note – Any missed pool sessions will cost $25.00 per person to make up.
7.      A pre-scheduled weekend overnight will be required for the open water training dives.
The Dive Shop does provides the scouts all equipment for the pool, so it is not necessary for scouts to pre-purchase equipment. However, students need to provide their own mask, fins and snorkel for their open water training dives.

The regular prices for classroom and pool are $235.00 per person plus $98.00 plus tax for the student kit.The regular price for the open water training dives is $225.00 per person plus rentals for BCD, Regulator set and wet suits. Not having to pay rentals for the BCD, Regulator set and wetsuit save the scout $65.00 in fee's.


You're leader can register the scouts for classes by phone or email to reserve your space. We will need a contact name, phone number and email address. Email the Dive Shop at  or call us at 913-677-3483 to schedule classes.


Each scout will need to bring a swimsuit and towel. The Dive Shop will provide all other necessary equipment for the pool training.

Open Pool Time Benefit

The Dive Shop offers open pool time on Sunday afternoons. This benefit is only available to those students who have completed dive training. There is a small fee of $10 a person for someone that took class here and $50 a person that did not.
We have a registered Scuba Merit Badge Counselor on staff.
The Dive Shop
7300 W. Frontage Road
Merriam, KS 66203