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Monitor your gas and depth in a watch style computer that comes in multi sport training.

Air-intergrated dive computer for you and dive buddies.

Measure your performance and track your stats above water.

This smart dive computer features Garmin Pay, Music and notifications.

I have them in stock now, both the wrist unit and transmitter!

A2 Dive Wrist Computer

Designed for Advanced Divers who appreciate the compactness and convenience of a wrist-style dive computer, but demand the kind of features that enable them to excel in their sport.

MSRP $709.00 wrist unit only




                                                A 1 Wrist Computer

The A1 is a single-gas nitrox dive computer designed for new divers and
casual recreational divers looking for a simple wrist-style computer that
can be worn on the surface as well as under water

MSRP $509.00 wrist unit only

Hydros Pro w/inflator
A true breakthrough in design, dive comfort and convenience, the Hydros Pro offers moldable Monprene®, an adjustable fit and multi-attachment points to make this the most customizable and comfortable BCD ever
MSRP $1,099.00