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Scuba cylinder disposal!
What to do with your old Scuba Tanks

Even with proper maintenance, scuba tanks eventually wear out. Dents, cracks, and rust can compromise a scuba tank's structural integrity. The dive industry recommends that tanks be visually inspected for damage once a year, and the United States Department of Transportation requires that all compressed gas cylinders undergo hydrostatic testing every 5 years. If a tank fails either visual inspection or hydrostatic testing it is decommissioned, leaving a diver with a heavy, bulky hunk of metal. Now what?

If you wish to dispose of your old scuba cylinder, The Dive Shop will do the dirty work for you.

If you can’t or unable to drop it off at the store, call us so we can make arrangements to pick them up.

Scuba cylinders just can’t be thrown away or put in your trash bin. If a scuba cylinder would be accidently crushed with compress air, this would result in an explosion, possibly hurting or killing someone.

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