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Equipment Rental Prices

  1. BCD w/inflator: $17.00 per day
  2. Regulator set: $20.00 per day
  3. Wetsuit: $15.00 per day
  4. Nitrox Wrist Computer: $15.00 per day
  5. 80 cu ft alum tank: $10.00 per day
  6. Weights & belt: $10.00 per day

Rental fee's are based on a 24 hr clock.

Weekend set rate: This includes BCD, Reg Set, tank and weights. $80.00
Must be picked up Friday and returned on Monday before 6:00pm.

Week set rate: This includes BCD, Reg set and wrist computer. $180.00
Pick up 1 day before you leave-return 1 day after you return home (9 days)